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    Welcome to the corset making and corset training website where we'll be tackling the facts about how to corset train safely as well as how to make a corset yourself! While we add content why not check out CorsetTraining.net for detailed information on how to tight lace and what to expect from the experience.

Articles on Corset Training!

Finally we have somewhere to get all our corsetry questions answered! All corset making and wearing topics are being swiftly covered here at corsettraining.net! Yes everything from corset care to diet and exercise is on the list and if you have a request you can type it in the comments box. So no more umm-ing […]

Welcome To How To Make A Corset

Welcome to my new blog, this is going to be where I put all my corset making photos and record my day to day corset making adventures! For more information and proper articles on making corsets and wearing corsets check out my website on Corset Training. For now heres some pics of my most recent […]